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Add-On Credits

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Here is a list of the addons we currently have active on our server. Thank you to all the
awesome creators who made these cool extras!

Multi Packs

Sharbs Shark Pack v3.3 by Sharb - link


Masters Pack v2.3 by MK.exe - link
BarkPark v3.9 by barkley - link
Nightmare Pack v4 by Nintensis/Ninferno - link
Dreamscape Gardens (Race v1.7.5) + Battle Plus (v1.2) by roy link
Chengi's Track Attack Pack (kr_CTAP) v5.3 by Chengi link
Aparte Cup v2.3 by Lat link
Turbo Flash Pack v2.2a by Victor Rush Turbo link
Bowling Cup v1.8 by SoupBowler link
Fickle Hearts Beta 7 by DOOD64 link
R. A. Extended - Callie Edition v3.1 by Fayt_XIII link
Abstraction Pack V3.6 by Chaobrother link
Tiny Island Zone v1 by Mollycat link
The Spark Cup Pack v2.5 by Starman91 link
Milk Pack v1.1 by Broken Flash Drive link
☆Joker☆ GrandPrix v3.1b Remastered by ☆Joker☆ link
Plom Pack v2.2 by Plom510 link
ΩTracks 4.0.1 by Mr.Logan link
Aether Cup v1.2 by GreenDinosaur link
Ivo Industries Track Pack v9.1.3 by IvoYaridovich link
The Adventurer's Agency Level Pack v1.8.1 by GreatWario link
ArcadePak v1.4 by TheArcadeStriker link
Labyrinth Zone v4 by Jazzz link
Nova Pack by Novaphyer to v1.2 link
Melon Pack by BMongrel to v6.1 link
CTR Track Pack by Plom510 to v1 link
Weblorex's Nostalgia Pack by weblorex - v1.1 link
μpak by Eldog - v12.1 link
Insanity Pack by StardustSpeedway - v2.1 link
Cookie Country by InstableGriff - v1.2 link
Beige Beach Zone by ProfessorRenderer - v1.1 link
Lighto Pack by Lighto - v1.1B link
Serpent Shrine Zone by Brainfrost - v1.3 link
Dig Pack by Archdiggle - v2.2 link
Marbula Racing Cup by ghostgodzilla - v2.1 link
Marsh Mayhem Pack by Menacing Marshmallow - v1.1 - link
SERAPH Speedway by Teyla - v1 - link
the jelly cup by jelly - v1.03 - link
Turbo Pack Mega by turbofa - v1.5.3 - link
Seiryu Lake by Keimei711 - v1 - link


Freedom Planet Character Pack v2 by Plom510 - link
Chengi's Character Pack! v13.1 by Chengi (Modern Sonic, Gum, Rex, Amy Rose, Billy Hatcher, Solid Snake, Dante only) - link
Kíbito's Kart Chars v1.1 by Kíbito - link
Banjo & Kazooie v1.5 by SeanTG246 - link
Snatcher (A Hat in Time) v1.1 by PorterOfGames - link
Werehog & Chip v1.2 by SpinSlash165 - link
Rosy the Rascal (Classic Amy) v2.1 by MarioFreak2001 - link
Inkling Pack (feat. o DUDE) v1 by minenice - link
Piranha Plant v1 by Sketch Whitehead - link
Rosalina v1.0 by PsychoJosh - link
Isabelle v2 by Plom510 - link
Princess Peach v1.0 by Strife - link
Emerl the Gizoid by Dimpsuu - link
Ness & Lucas v2.2 by AsuharaMoon - link
Princess Daisy v1 by Virt - link
Modern Vector v2.0 by FabulousNinji - link
(Excluding Lancer, Ralsei, Susie and Kris) Dirk's Character pack - Totally Legit Release v6.01 by DirkTH - link
Gustavo's Character pack v1.9 by Gustavo
Wish Kirby a Happy Birthday with kirbychars.pk3! v1 by Kíbito - link
Daisy's (lancerforce's) Character Pack [Whisper Only v1.2] by dinghy - link
Strife's Character Pack v3 [Motorsport Amy v1 only] by Strife - link
Mit's Character Pack v11K [Mario, Luigi, Biker Wario, Metal Mario and Paper Mario only] by mitsame - link
Samus Aran v1 by Menacing Marshmallow - link
Terry Bogard v1 by dinghy - link
Conker the Squirrel v1.0 by Evil Sonic - link
Mr. Game & Watch v1.0.1 by Dimpsuu - link
Pointy Sonic Drift v4 by Chrispy - link
Ness & Lucas v2.2 by AsuharaMoon - link
Animechars v7.0 by "Lat" (Joker, Haru, Pyra and Nia) - link
Morgana (Persona 5) v2 by SeanTG246 - link
Foximilian's Character Pack v1 by Foximilian - link
Lucario v1 by Ganbare-Lucifer - link
Baby Sonic v1 by Plom510 - link
Ninji's Character Pack v6.0 by FabulousNinji - link
Slumburger's SLUMPACK v1 by Slumburger - link
Archdiggle's Character Pack! v2 by Archdiggle - link
Strife's Character Pack v4 by Strife - link
Waluigi Time! v1.2 by Puncle - link
PizzaDarius' Character Pack r12 by PizzaDarius25 - link
Piranha Plan Joins The Race v2.0 by Sketch Whitehead - link
Tikal the Echidna v1.0 by LuminousWarrior - link
Werehog & Chip v1.0 by SpinSlash165 - link
Banjo & Kazooie v1.5 by SeanTG246 - link
Sonic Boom: Sticks the Badger v1 by Digiflower5 - link
AoStH Dr. Robotnik v1.2 by Emilianomario - link
Dai's (lancerforce's) Character Pack v1 (Whisper only) by dinghy - link
The Conductor v1.1 by ProfessorRenderer - link
Latias & Latios v2.0 by Jewel - link
Hatkid by Sunspirit - v1.2 - link
(Cuphead, Mugman and Pikachu ONLY) ☆JOKER☆ Chars Pack v6.1 PLUS by ☆Joker☆ - v1.2 - link
Wario by Aaron0000 - v1 - link
(Toad ONLY) ToadDan's Character Pack by ToadDan - v1.1 - link
Rayman Origins + Rayman Kart = by Emilianomario - v1 - link
(Coco ONLY) CTR Character Pack v3.4 by Plom510 - link
Incineroar v1.0 by Evil Sonic - link
Tangle (the Lemur) by light dasher - v1 - link
M.Eggman and Motobug from Marshchars by Menacing Marshmallow - v1.0 - link
Captain Falcon by Aaron0000 - v1.0 - link
Chao Pack by FabulousNinji - v1.0 - link
Raboot by Deercat - v1 link
Yukka by Jewel - v1.0
Dr. Starline by ThePinkGalaxy - v1.2 - link
MechaDeka's Character Pack (Konata only) by MechaDeka - v4 - link
Rouge, Excalibur Sonic, Orbot + Cubot, Raz from Pink's Character Pack by ThePinkGalaxy - v3 link
Mega Man by zxyspku - v1 link


Elimination v1 by Rapidgame7 (modified by BlitzHedgie) - link
Combi Ring Team Racing v3b by fickleheart - link
Hitfeed (kl_hitfeed_v1.1.pk3) Version 1.0 by Snu - link
Kart Rev v1.3.8 by Gunla link
SRB2Kart: Battle Plus! v1.1 by Snu - link
MiniRanking Plus (HUD edit) v1.4 by Callmore link
HOSTMOD - Syncfail fixes and server tools (+ SPB Attack) by Tyron - v11 - link
Team SRB2Kart Racing by Snu - v1.0 - link
KartMP by Lat' - v1.3 - link

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Sonic Robo Blast 2 made by Sonic Team Jr. Link to their release here.

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